Carpet Shampooing and Cleaning

We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning packages designed to suit your office cleaning needs. We deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning, shampooing, and water extraction services that are both thorough and green. The life of your carpet can be greatly extended with proper preventive maintenance.

On carpets, dirt and pollutants work their way deep into the carfpet fibers. Combined with day to day office action such as foot traffic, poor cleaning and maintenance will cause your carpets to deteriorate and need replacing prematurely. Dirty carpets also spread sickness and cause employee downtime, as well as reducing morale. Regular carpet cleaning and shampooing helps save your business money and downtime by making your carpeted areas last much longer and improving the quality of the work environment.

We constantly update our carpet cleaning service equipment and methids to guarantee your carpets are cleaned with the latest carpet cleaning and shampooing methods available. We use cleaning carpet machines that are the best in the world, and offer shampooing, steam cleaning, and hot water systems. We make sure all these carpet shampooing and cleaning services are done thoroughly and to your satisfaction.

Our deep cleaning system uses steam, green chemicals, and extraction that wash the dirt and pollutants from the carpet, leaving your carpets clean and dry to the touch. Our professionals use carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos that are totally green and very effective for professional results. We offer the area’s best carpet cleaning and most professional carpet cleaning methods for your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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