Porter Services

Royal’s supervisory staff trains and manages a janitorial work force that adopts best practices and sustainable quality control standards at the sites where our customers have need for office cleaning service, and janitorial services in New York City. For each facility, we execute a customized solution that is tailored to our customer’s building cleaning service needs. We offer daytime  commercial janitorial office cleaning services NY as well as daytime porters, for those offices that need on call cleaners available to assist in restroom cleaning and replenishing toiletries, removing cans, cups, glasses from employees desk, and what ever spills may occur, or any chore needed to be performed during the day, we are at your service. We also have daytime repair maintenance personal available to assist for building maintenance. We provide same day porter service, or temporary porter service for any business in need.

We provide anywhere from once a week cleaning, to daily  contracted janitorial services and trash collection, disposal, and recycling for offices in NYC. Our staff are passionate when it comes to maintaining your building or office.  Our services for daily cleaning are dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, trash disposal, to  include programs for carpet & upholstery maintenance, floor maintenance, and emergency clean-up services for New York, and it’s surrounding boroughs.. In addition to porter services, we do provide construction and “build-out” clean-up services. Here are some janitorial services and porter services typical of our customer engagements:

  • Monitor and service the facilities restrooms during the work day
  • Replenish paper supplies according to usage
  • Pressure washing of floors and window washing
  • Maintain lobby including polishing
  • Maintain exterior of the building removing snow, debris, and rubbish
  • Service cafeteria, kitchen, common areas and patios
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Light fixture maintenance

NYC Janitorial Cleaning
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