School Cleaning Janitorial Services for NYC and NJ Schools

School cleaning service New York City  public and private schools is one of the most important and comprehensive cleaning service offerings provided by Royal Cleaning Service. The health and safety of students and faculty in schools is closely related to the cleanliness of the facilities. Janitorial services for schools must be performed by a janitorial cleaning service that is experienced, trained, insured, and has the  equipment to deal with the rigorous demands of NYC  school districts, faculty, staff, parents, and the community. Royal Cleaning Service prides itself on being a trusted expert in the field, cleaning schools,  in New York and New Jersey school districts for more than two decades.

School Cleaning NYC Companies

From public school cleaning and janitorial services to private school cleaning and janitorial services, Royal Cleaning Service provides school cleaning services in New York, New Jersey, and the entire NYC metro area. With over 25 years experience in school cleaning, Royal Cleaning Service is one of the most trusted names in school janitorial services in the area. We provide janitorial maintenance and daily cleaning for pre-K through college, including K-12 cleaning and janitorial services in NYC. We understand that a school that not only looks clean, but smells clean having been disinfected, and deodorized is in the best interest of the children faculty, and any one who has dealings with your school on a daily basis.

NJ and NY School Cleaning Services

Cleaning hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, offices, gyms, and common areas helps maintain the health of the students and staff in schools from pre-school through college. Royal Cleaning Service cleans, polishes, disinfects, and sanitizes schools through a thorough and complete suite of  janitorial cleaning services for schools.

Some of the schools we provide cleaning services to  in NYC, NY and NJ

  • K-12 school cleaning and janitorial service companies in NYC, NY, and NJ
  • Pre-School janitorial cleaning services in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Day care school janitorial cleaning company in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Kindergarten cleaning and janitorial service in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Elementary school janitor cleaning companies in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Charter school janitorial cleaning company in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Middle school janitorial building maintenance in NYC, NY and NJ
  • High school cleaning and janitorial services in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Junior college cleaning and janitorial companies in NYC, NY and NJ
  • College and University cleaning and janitor services in NYC, NY and NJ
  • Trade school janitorial companies in NYC, NY and NJ

Royal Cleaning Services is proud to abide by all OSHA, State, and Local safety regulations and to use peroxide based green cleaning products to clean schools and educational facilities in New York and New Jersey. A school cleaning company such as Royal Cleaning Service ensures that New York City and New Jersey schools are a healthy environment for all students and staff.


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