Daycare School Cleaning Service NYC

The health and security of our children and faculty are of most important when it comes to cleaning your daycare center. This is why we use the latest in healthcare cleaning solvents. Our hydrogen peroxide cleaners are the safest and best cleaners the market has to offer today. Our daycare cleaning personnel are all background checked to assure the safety of our children, and faculty.

You will receive the same daycare cleaning persons every day to maintain your school. Our daycare cleaners are trained on how to maintain the cleaning so that your children have a less chance of contacting germs that may lead to sickness. Our cleaners will sanitize the toys, the kids use for play. Sanitize the water fountains or coolers, sanitize and clean the bathrooms, and kitchens. We will maintain your daycare center and not cut one corner, but clean them all.

We service NYC daycare cleaning service, Brooklyn NY daycare cleaning, Bronx daycare cleaning service, Queens daycare cleaning service, Staten Island daycare cleaning service. Please contact us  today so we can get you started on a daycare school cleaning program tailored for the needs of your school.

NYC Janitorial Cleaning
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